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francis j. kong


Francis J. Kong is the Philippines’ top inspirational speaker. Every year, he conducts more than 300 trainings and seminars for top executives, sales people, HR practitioners and other professionals. He is trained and licensed by Maximum Impact of Atlanta, Georgia, to do the Maxwell leadership programs and by the Zig Ziglar Corporation in London, for the Ziglar Sales and Presentation programs. His many awards as a speaker include an Anvil, the country’s most prestigious public relations award, for staging the Dr. John Maxwell Series; and a Gold Quill, the highest level of professional acknowledgement for Philippine business communication.

Francis is the author of 15 books, and One Day At A Time has received a most favorable review from Channel NewsAsia of Singapore. The Early Bird Catches the Worm But the Second Mouse Gets the Cheese has been translated to the Korean language. His latest, a compilation of heartwarming family dining-table experiences entitled 

Famealy Matters, was also awarded with an Anvil. Francis also writes an award-winning column in a leading English broadsheet in the country, and another in a business magazine.

Francis’s other hats include radio broadcaster of Business Matters, which has been running for the last 17 years; president of his own publishing company; president of a science edutainment company; business and finance authority in different TV programs in the country; and husband to Lilia Kong, and dad to their three kids: Bryan, Hannah, Rachel.

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