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Skylife Success is a fusion of principles and practices that have provided growth, positive change, culture transformation and revenue enhancement to individuals and institutions globally. The organization specializes in the human engineering and human behavior space with a specific focus on building globally diverse teams by providing solutions that ask “why” and not just “how.” Utilizing the corporate c-suite experience of Rick Belluzzo, the entrepreneurial success-formula of Victor Abraham and the communication and design platforms of

Krish Dhanam, Skylife Success represents a unique methodology. 

rick belluzzo

Rick Belluzzo, a son of Italian immigrants, was born in San Francisco and spent his entire childhood Northern California. Belluzzo learned early in life the important of hard work and ambition. Upon graduation from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, he began his career as a cost account at Hewlett-Packard. He continued at Hewlett-Packard for 23 years, eventually leading the Computer Organization which represented over 2/3rds of the company revenue and 76,000 employees.

Belluzzo made his mark at HP leading the HP Hardcopy and Imaging Business which grew from an insignificant market position to become the industry leader in printers, Digital imaging, copiers, and virtually every product that involved creating a printer document. This transition resulted from new printing innovations applied to traditional products and ultimately altered the industry.Belluzzo was then promoted to become Executive Vice President for all of HP’s computer products and services [...]

krish dhanam

Krish Dhanam was born and educated in India. Equipped with an MBA and $ 9.00 in his pocket, he migrated to the U.S. in 1986 with his bride, Anila. Winning a sales contest in 1990 earned him a ticket to a seminar conducted by the legendary motivator, Zig Ziglar.  This chance encounter would be the catalyst that shaped the next two decades as Krish joined the Ziglar Corporation in 1991 as a telemarketer and eventually became their Vice President of Global Operations.

Through training, teaching and facilitating seminars all over the world, Krish launched his professional speaking career. As one of only two executive coaches personally trained by Zig Ziglar, Krish has successfully delivered his message of hope, humor and balance in over fifty countries and throughout the continental United States. As a curriculum designer, he has authored programs on staff development, sales, leadership, personal development and communication. His client list is the who’s who of global enterprise and he has received [...]

victor abraham

Victor Abraham is Chief Executive Officer and President of THE SKYPASS GROUP, which includes Skypass Travel (a retail and wholesale travel services provider), Skypass Entertainment, Skypass Hospitality and Skylife Sucess. For over 20 years, Skypass Travel has been headquartered in Dallas, Texas with branches in Houston, Austin and Mumbai, India. 2011 drew the curtains to the launch of Skypass Hospitality when Mr. Abraham opened a LaQuinta Inn, a beautiful 4 story hotel right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Abraham is also one of the directors of Providence Bank of Texas which received its charter in 2007, and he also currently serves as its Vice-Chairman.

Abraham served as Vice Chairman of the Board of One World Bank until December 2006 when he resigned to pursue other opportunities. Mr. Abraham is the recipient of the Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce Award for the “Best Small Business of the Year of 1994.” In addition, he has been honored with [...]

francis j. kong

Francis J. Kong is the Philippines’ top inspirational speaker. Every year, he conducts more than 300 trainings and seminars for top executives, sales people, HR practitioners and other professionals. He is trained and licensed by Maximum Impact of Atlanta, Georgia, to do the Maxwell leadership programs and by the Zig Ziglar Corporation in London, for the Ziglar Sales and Presentation programs. His many awards as a speaker include an Anvil, the country’s most prestigious public relations award, for staging the Dr. John Maxwell Series; and a Gold Quill, the highest level of professional acknowledgement for Philippine business communication.

Francis is the author of 15 books, with two more set for launching this 2013. One Day At A Timehas received a most favorable review from Channel NewsAsia of Singapore. The Early Bird Catches the Worm But the Second Mouse Gets the Cheese has been translated to the Korean language. His latest, a compilation of heartwarming family dining-table experiences entitled Famealy Matters, was also awarded with an Anvil [...]

shelley kurian

Shelley was born a Texan and lived the first few years of her life in the U.S. before moving to India for a decade. She grew up in the metropolitan city of Bangalore and moved back to Texas as a teenager during her high school years. Having experienced both the east and the west, she developed a keen interest in the sociological and cultural aspects of business, which later led her to pursue a degree in this field. 


From a young age, Shelley embraced the unconventional path and her interest in entrepreneurship led to the establishment of Shelley K. Events in 2009,  an event management company in Dallas, Texas. In addition to being the founder & owner of SKE for over a decade, she serves as the Executive Director of Skypass Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Irving, Texas that focuses on providing education [...] 

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