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shelley kurian

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Shelley was born a Texan and lived the first few years of her life in the U.S. before moving to India for a decade. She grew up in the metropolitan city of Bangalore and moved back to Texas as a teenager during her high school years. Having experienced both the east and the west, she developed a keen interest in the sociological and cultural aspects of business, which later led her to pursue a degree in this field. 


From a young age, Shelley embraced the unconventional path and her interest in entrepreneurship led to the establishment of Shelley K. Events in 2009,  an event management company in Dallas, Texas. In addition to being the founder & owner of SKE for over a decade, she serves as the Executive Director of Skypass Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Irving, Texas that focuses on providing education and resources to patients, caregivers & medical professionals in the area of Parkinson’s Disease.  As the nonprofit arm of the Skypass Group, the Skypass Foundation has also engaged in pandemic relief efforts and supports mission and humanitarian causes globally.

Shelley is passionate about helping others embrace second chances, break away from convention and achieve peak productivity in all areas of life and business. She  holds a degree in Markets & Culture with a concentration in Business from Southern Methodist University, and resides in Dallas, Texas.

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