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victor abraham


Victor Abraham is Chief Executive Officer and President of THE SKYPASS GROUP, which includes Skypass Travel (a retail and wholesale travel services provider), Skypass Entertainment, Skypass Hospitality, Skylife Success and Skypass Foundation. For over 20 years, Skypass Travel has been headquartered in Dallas, Texas with branches in Houston, Austin and Mumbai, India. 2011 drew the curtains to the launch of Skypass Hospitality when Mr. Abraham opened a LaQuinta Inn, a beautiful 4 story hotel right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Abraham is also one of the directors of Providence Bank of Texas which received its charter in 2007, and he also currently serves as its Vice-Chairman.

Abraham served as Vice Chairman of the Board of One World Bank until December 2006 when he resigned to pursue other opportunities. Mr. Abraham is the recipient of the Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce

Award for the “Best Small Business of the Year of 1994.” In addition, he has been honored with the prestigious “Air India Maharaja Sales Award” for thirteen consecutive years. Furthermore, former U.S. President George W. Bush has recognized Mr. Abraham for both his civic and business accomplishments.

Victor married the love of his life, Sherly, and they have 3 wonderful children, Aaron, Alvin and Priscilla.  He has kept his priorities in life – God, Family and Work – and this same order has blessed him in all his past endeavors and ones that he continues to undertake. He believes in helping those who work hard and takes it upon himself to invest in people’s pursuits by whole-heartedly providing for many a dream to come to fruition.

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