JULY 24, 2020 AT 11 AM CST

Join Skylife Success's Krish Dhanam & Shelley Kurian as they discuss the methods and means of navigating the challenges posed by the lockdown while offering a game plan for effective digital discipline. 

This series is the webinar counterpart to the podcast series Purpose & Productivity by Krish Dhanam. Subscribe to the podcast here, and to register for the webinar, please click the button below.


In this webinar, Krish Dhanam teaches us how to look back from where we want to go and start designing the journey to get there. Rediscovering what works in our value proposition and combining it with timeless truths is the foundation of this approach of taking our businesses beyond profit to purpose. Discover the “why” behind the “how” of moving to the level of benchmark-performance where our companies, our customers and our consultant workforce can all win.


A former president once said that goals are just dreams with feet. Arriving into a new decade and having the term "2020" associated with it, forces our imagination to ask questions. Can we, like the New Year, have 20/20 vision as it pertains to our goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations? Join Krish Dhanam on a series of webinars on Goal Setting and Achieving. This content is vintage in that it has been tried and proven in over seventy countries globally. It is vital in what it will do to jumpstart your own pursuits; and it is as valid today as it has been all these years it has been taught. Click on the links below to register & watch.

GOAL SETTING PART 1: The Desire to Change

GOAL SETTING PART 2: The Discipline to Conform

GOAL ACHIEVING: The Demand to Continue & the Disposition to Conclude


Motivational icon Zig Ziglar once said that if you let someone else row your boat, they will take you to where they want to go, and not where you want to go. In this day and age of publicity, advertising and messaging, do you feel overwhelmed regarding your own visibility? Are you feeling over-shadowed because someone else is rowing your boat?


In this series on branding, Krish Dhanam will give you ideas and precepts to build your own brand by looking at the motives behind your wants and needs, and the messagemedium and method to get there. We look forward to having you be a part of a global dialog that will allow your local brand to thrive and prosper.

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