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missives, mottos & maxims

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120 of Krish Dhanam's Quotes & Sayings

Missives, Mottos & Maxims is a collection of the wit, wisdom, musings and humor of Krish Dhanam in the form of sayings and quotations. If you are an aspiring communicator or an accomplished speaker, this collection will be an incredible asset in your presentation arsenal.

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As one of only two executive coaches personally trained by the legendary motivator Zig Ziglar, Krish has successfully delivered his message of hope, humor and balance in over fifty countries and throughout the continental United States. As a curriculum designer, he has authored programs on staff development, sales, leadership, personal development and communication. His client list is the who’s who of global enterprise and he has received accolades from some of the most distinguished organizations including The United States Army, Christian Dior, Marriott Hotels, Cadbury Schweppes, EDS, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Pepsico, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Energizer Batteries.

Today, he is the CEO of Skylife Success,  Global Ambassador for the Ziglar Group of Companies,  and Global Corporate Adjunct with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He is the author of The American Dream from an Indian Heart, From Abstracts to Absolutes, Missives, Mottos and Maxims, Twilight, co-author of Hardheaded & Softhearted, and a contributing author to the book Top Performance written by Zig Ziglar.

The Dhanams make their home in Flower Mound, Texas.

About the author
This small book is designed to be a communication primer that can be used by anyone who is looking for simple and effective ways to articulate beliefs, while being cognizant of the world views and belief systems of those they communicate with. We have spent over thirty years straddling the line of secular and sacred with effectiveness and engagement with people from all walks of life, and hope this collection will give you equal access and credibility in your own journey. With notable of contents and only sectional directives, you, the reader, will have the ability to navigate freely and start and finish anywhere you choose. The beauty of thought is to be able to think clearly and choose and use what you find when you want to, whether it be on faith, family, friendship, focus, frivolity, facts or future.
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